Lake Housatonic Authority

runMarine Patrol

The LHA acts as agent for the member towns in regard to patrolling Lake Housatonic to insure safe operation of watercraft.

scaleWeed Abatement

The LHA owns, staffs and operates a "weed harvester" to mow river bottom weeds when they become hazardous.

healthyWater Quality

The LHA has implemented a Water Quality Monitoring Program to generate a baseline that is indicative of the overall "health" or quality of the water.

Invasive Weed Control on Lake Housatonic

The LHA undertook a study this past summer to document the situation with our invasive weeds in preparation for becoming more aggressive about their control.

We now have the final report from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and have received a mitigation proposal from one of the control contractors suggested by the state, Solitude Lake management, to undertake a herbicide treatment this coming summer. Read more...

Plans to fly a drone at the Gilder Boathouse

The LHA has been notified of plans to fly a drone on November 12 and 13 at the Gilder Boathouse.

  • Purpose and Location: The Yale Office of Development is working with Geomatrix Productions to develop a video to promote giving to financial aid. The video will showcase a student athlete on the Yale crew team and will feature drone footage at the Gilder Boathouse located at 280 Roosevelt Drive, Derby, CT 06418.
  • Pilot Information: Lucas Cecchetto, 203-671-5272, FAA License #: 3994704
  • UAS Make, Model and Registration #: DJI, Phantom 4 Pro, Registration # FA34EYY3LF
  • The pilot in command will be readily identifiable to the public.
  • The pilot will adhere to FAA Part 107 requirements