Lake Housatonic Authority

runMarine Patrol

The LHA acts as agent for the member towns in regard to patrolling Lake Housatonic to insure safe operation of watercraft.

scaleWeed Abatement

The LHA owns, staffs and operates a "weed harvester" to mow river bottom weeds when they become hazardous.

healthyWater Quality

The LHA has implemented a Water Quality Monitoring Program to generate a baseline that is indicative of the overall "health" or quality of the water.

Invasive Weed Control on Lake Housatonic

The LHA undertook a study this past summer to document the situation with our invasive weeds in preparation for becoming more aggressive about their control.

We now have the final report from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and have received a mitigation proposal from one of the control contractors suggested by the state, Solitude Lake management, to undertake a herbicide treatment this coming summer. Read more...

New Meeting Location

The LHA has a new meeting location and will no longer meet at the VRPA offices. The new location is at the Derby City Hall on Elizabeth Street. The meetings will be held in the Second Floor Conference Room, back by the Veteran's office. Look for the room with the sign "Conference Room". Effective immediately starting with the February 2019 meeting.

Water Draw Down

The 2019 Spring Water Draw Down is scheduled to start at 3AM on Wed June 19th through Friday June 21st. Weather permitting. There is no gurantee the drawdown will happen or for how long it will remain drawn down when it does.

Weed Abatement

ATTENTION! Public Notice - Weed Treatment Unfortunately due to significant rain, the Stevenson Dam was not able to hold back the water long enough and it significantly effected the weed treatment. We will attempt a re-treatment on Wed July 31st. We apologize for the inconvenience and short notice but it was due to circumstances beyond our control and if we do not retreat, the river will be overrun with weeds very quickly. Formal notice and signage will be posted when they are available. Updates to follow. Please spread the word.