Lake Housatonic Authority

What is the Lake Housatonic Authority?

The LHA acts as agent for the member towns in regard to patrolling Lake Housatonic to insure safe operation of watercraft, weed and algae abatement programs, and overseeing and recommending desirable legislation to enhance Lake Housatonic.

Member towns of the LHA, and their rates of participation, are:

  • Derby 15%
  • Oxford 15%
  • Seymour 20%
  • Shelton 50%

Member towns have agreed to appoint three representatives to the LHA and to support it financially. In addition, the Chief Administrator of each town serves as an ex officio member of the LHA

The LHA was formed in 1974, and is now in its 49th year of operation.

The LHA's Board of Commissioners meets at least monthly to maintain cognizance of local issues and conduct its business.

Why is the Lake Housatonic Authority needed?

There are over 350 motor boats "in residence" on Lake Housatonic, plus many more that arrive through Indian Well State Park for day use.

No town or state organization has marine patrol authority on Lake Housatonic. All town police, CT police, and Department of Energy and Environmental Protection activities are land-based only, unless called to an emergency. LHA Patrol officers are trained by the CT Police Academy, and have also received 1st aid, CPR, boating law, and safety training.

What are the activities of the Lake Housatonic Authority?

Marine Patrol Activities

The LHA maintains two Marine Patrol motor launches. The LHA hires, trains, and equips patrol officers. Marine Patrol activities are conducted in close collaboration with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and local town police departments.

Weed Abatement

The LHA treats the Lake with herbicides to mitigate invasive weeds in a controlled, environmentally consciences way.

Water Quality Monitoring

The LHA has initiated a Lake Housatonic water quality monitoring program. This program has established a water quality database and allow the LHA to monitor fluctuations or anomalies in the water.