Lake Housatonic Authority

runMarine Patrol

The LHA acts as agent for the member towns in regard to patrolling Lake Housatonic to insure safe operation of watercraft.

scaleWeed Abatement

The LHA owns, staffs and operates a "weed harvester" to mow river bottom weeds when they become hazardous.

healthyWater Quality

The LHA has implemented a Water Quality Monitoring Program to generate a baseline that is indicative of the overall "health" or quality of the water.

Presence of Zebra Mussels confirmed in Lake Housatonic

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) confirmed that zebra mussels have been found in Lake Housatonic. The adult zebra mussels were found by divers working for Biodrawversity LLC, the consulting firm hired by DEEP to survey for zebra mussels in the Housatonic River system and other nearby high calcium content waters. Federal Aquatic Nuisance Species funding was used to fund this survey.

The presence of zebra mussels is not unexpected as the mussels were found in Lakes Zoar and Lillinonah, the two large impoundments located immediately upstream of Lake Housatonic, in November, 2010. Zebra mussels were first found in the Housatonic River in 2009 when they were discovered in Laurel Lake in Lee, Massachusetts, and subsequent sampling found them in the lake's outflow into the mainstem river.

The non-native zebra mussel is a black and white-striped bivalve mollusk that was unintentionally introduced into North American waters through the discharge of ship ballast water. Since its discovery in Lake St. Clair (Michigan/Ontario) in 1988, the zebra mussel has spread throughout the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River system and most of New York State including Lake Champlain and the Hudson River. More recently, both zebra mussels and quagga mussels (a related species) have been expanding their range into a number of western and southwestern states. Read more...

Fall Water Draw Down Scheduled

The fall draw down this year is planned for Oct 9th thru the 14th. These dates are only tentative at this time and are subject to change or can be canceled all together.